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LEAF-7 Data

Two types of Data are required for LEAF7 Reporting:


1. Client Data

  • The Client is simply identified by either a Number or Code (Pseudonymized data)

  • Information fields are populated against the client Id  e.g. Age, gender etc...  

  • How much information is needed for each Client will depend on the way in which organisations   want to present their results and what they want to report against.


2. LEAF-7 Assessment Data

  • Leaf assessment information is recorded alongside the Client Id corresponding to assessment   dates, e.g. Initial, Interim, Exit


Summary tables and charts

Once the Client Data and LEAF-7 Assessment Data is mapped to the data format used to prepare   LEAF7 Summary Tables and Charts, then any required Filters can be applied to the data and the   Tables and Charts produced. These Results appear in Excel format in a ‘Results’ Tab (Worksheet) in Excel.

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