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How it works

The LEAF-7 Tool comprises three key documents:

  1. Client Information sheet and Consent form; allowing you to collect key client data. Consent forms allow for information to be shared   with other agencies involved in the care of the client.

  2. LEAF-7 Questionnaire measuring quality of life across 7 Life Domains


The LEAF-7 Questionnaire measures quality of life in seven key life domains known to be pertinent to older people: Managing Health,   Managing Daily Living; Enjoyment; Value;  Social Contact; Safety and Security; Choice and Control.


The seven life domains provide a structure which facilitates a guided conversation enabling a comprehensive understanding of issues for   the client.  The client is also required to reflect on their quality of life in these key  domains by choosing from four statements which can be   scored numerically.


Understanding finances – a simple yes/no question can provide an understanding of the impact of financial issues on the older person’s   quality of life.

Life Satisfaction - There is also an option for clients to provide a score on life satisfaction on a numerical scale of 0-6.  This can be used to   benchmark against Office of National Statistics (ONS) UK data.


3.   Action Plan and Review

  This document allows space for key goals to be recorded based on the guided conversation.


The Process

LEAF-7 is designed in two parts with an Initial Interview and an Exit Interview. Our recommendation is that this can be up to a six week period during which further visits and support are given.


LEAF-7 Initial Interview

The cover sheet containing key demographic information and consent form is completed by the support worker and the client. The  LEAF-7 Questionnaire is completed with the client using a guided conversation format and numerical scores recorded for each life domain.  An Action Plan is co-created with the client and actions/intervention is agreed and recorded.


LEAF-7 Exit Interview

After the actions/intervention have been completed an Exit LEAF is undertaken whereby the LEAF-7 Questionnaire is  scored by the client.

A review of actions taken in the  is recorded with the option to close the referral or to continue work with the client.

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